Bespoke tools for your trade

Ovela has been around the block. Our leap to space comes from a history rooted in e-Government mapping. Thousands of users, hundreds of stories around the world, all based on the systems you see here. We still build them, as fuel for our journey to the stars. Users of our spatial platforms now have access to data and tools built for space agencies. Talk about differentiator, good luck finding that in your local GIS integrator’s closet.


OUr beginnings

A tool with many names! It started life running Estonia’s national geospatial systems known as DoGIS, then X-GIS. When it came to America it was known as Constellation Geospatial, then iGIS.

GIS Power house

Web GIS viewers are becoming as common as coffee places on highway exits. Just like coffee, there’s quite a range in tastiness of these tech tools. This platform can take in any GIS web service, enable you to do parcel mapping, request and search permits and planning actions, without the user switching tools (or maps). It can read and edit any spatial data base you have. It does all of that regardless of the size of your GIS at a price point that would surprise you, we think that is pretty cool.


Tech DNA

We are no start up. Sadly, that means we lack a ball pit in the office. It does mean we have a 30year mountain of experience to stand on when working together. This is particularly special regarding our mapping experience. If you want a partner, and a product, that knows, sleeps, eats, and breathes data connected to place. . . that is us.

No innovation spa

Time and again we hear of folks looking to ‘innovate.’ Trust us, put a few techies in a room with a pile of coffee and money and you’ll create whatever you want. The difference is in the business model and delivery. With Ovela expect a partner who pushes back. We will always ask first and foremost: what’s the model, the motivation, the process, the impact. When we know the human side we can make tech that works.