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So, you’ve got some questions?

42. The answer is 42!


The biggies.

The company is Ovela, and the website was ovela.us, now it is ovela59.com how did that happen? What magic is this?!

Stay calm! An internet parking lot is on top of Ovela.com and Ovela.us just wasn’t what we wanted. So, we decided to connect to our roots in the 59th parallel! That’s right, Estonia is at 59 degrees North. As that is where we spend a lot of time and where a lot of our tech and clever ideas are born we wanted to let the world know! Ovela, a word in Finnish you must translate, was born global and we are here to use that to bring the best of the world to you!

Where are you based?

Richmond, Virginia - apparently voted #1 for business in the United States! Mostly for the pizza, shout out to Bottoms Up pizza in the bottom! To be honest, we are a small team and most of the time we are in Estonia or with you, our awesome fans (clients)!

Do you still sell and support your gis products?

Do we still drink coffee? Oh yes, yes all the time :) We love our GIS products. That is where we started, it’s our DNA. There’s no living that behind, at least in this lifetime!


It’s true! We have many clients outside of the United States. We are a reseller hooked up with Datel, apparently for the long haul. That doesn’t mean we are only operating in America. We support our clients in Brazil, Canada, Portugal, the UK and Finland (to name a few) from Ovela, even in Estonia. We are here for you, and to experience the tasty food in wherever you are from. Does better pricing follow your belly, like love? Hmmmm…

Support, is it a thing, or do you just walk the plank?

We’ve got your back! For real, there is no such thing as drive off the lot anxiety here. Ovela is here to answer your questions any hour of the day in any part of the world. Sure, you may have to leave us a voicemail to get through the absurd quantity of people trying to sell us vacation properties but support is very much part of our culture. You can give us a call right now, +1(804)591-0159 and leave a voice mail that says we are amazing but how amazing are we? Then we’ll call you back and compliment the amazing hat you are inevitably wearing… see that, amazing.


Some techie questions.

These cover our deformation monitoring radar products. Also, let’s be honest, that stuff is complicated and you’ve probably not thought of all of the questions yet… send our man Carl any other questions you may have. Except what to have for lunch, because that guy has annoyed the entire office with that question for years! carl@ovela59.com

Can you use other SAR sources, such as TerraSAR-X, Cosmos-Sky Med, RadarSat?

Absolutely! To be clear, we are SAR-as-a-service, so whatever SAR source you feed us we will process for you. Not all targets are best resolved by S1 (Sentinel 1). Occasionally, there are other needs: constant observation, foliage penetrating, higher resolution. These are all best served by knowing the advantages (and costs) of the other platforms. We have got you covered on that side!

Can you still see the target when its been cloudy?

Yes. The type of radar we use penetrates clouds, and can see in the dark. It’s not optical so it doesn’t mind what is going on. This is helpful when there’s a giant hurricane on top of a structure and you can’t go see it… we can.

How far back in time can you see?

We can see as far back as 2014 on some objects, which is pretty far back given that we have data at least every 12days. We have data back to 2016 on the entire planet :) The most readily available, and fastest for us to get to you is anything that happened in the last two years.

Can we export the data somehow?

Yep! In our standard account you can download a CSV with all the details you’ll need to add the deformation data to an asset management system or GIS. If you would like a WMS or other type of service, just ask :)

How accurate is the data you’re showing us?

The deformation numbers you see are accurate to the millimetre.

how long does it take you to give us some results, we want it Now!

Oh yes, we all want it now! This depends on how large of an area, and for what period of time. We can usually be blazing fast and give you something to chew on a few days. If the service supports emergency response this can be much faster but we need to know that in the beginning.

There’s no points on my super important building/rock/road/elephant!

Sometimes things happen that we didn’t know about and they create little holes in the math. For instance, your rock was moved by a large man and put back a few weeks later. We went looking for it every 6 days for two years and for a big chunk of them the large man was using it as a table. Thus holes in the math and poof no rock data. Now if you were to ask the large man to tell us when he took it and brought it back we would most likely be able to see it again :)

But, wait, I have even more questions!

Good! Send an email to our man Carl: carl@ovela59.com and he will get you all set!